Strategic Plan

The Land Trust’s 2010 strategic plan lays out a vision for the organization for the next five to ten years. It articulates what we intend to accomplish and how we plan to do it.

Strategic PlanGoal 1

Preserve 10,000 acres of land with ecological, agricultural, scenic and recreational value to complete the Land Trust’s strategic conservation plan and to ensure meaningful land preservation throughout Hunterdon County.

    • Create a strategic conservation plan; map the county and prioritize properties for preservation.
    • Develop relationships with landowners of priority properties.
    • Coordinate the funding/ partners for high priority and feasible deals.
    • Complete conservation real estate transactions.
Goal 2

Maintain or improve the ecological, agricultural, recreational and historic values of our properties as defined by each property’s management plan.

    • Complete a baseline report for each preserved property – owned and easement protected.
    • Monitor all conservation easements and fee owned properties annually.
    • Complete management plans for owned properties and those we manage for conservation partners.
    • Engage the community in land management; use properties as educational tool to showcase responsible land stewardship and resource protection.
    • Estimate long-term stewardship costs (based on management plans and easement responsibilities) and create and build stewardship endowment.
Goal 3

Ten percent of households (about 4500) throughout Hunterdon County are active conservation supporters and know that the Hunterdon Land Trust is the county’s leading nonprofit land conservation organization.

  • Define target markets (people who are likely to be conservation supporters but are not currently active.
  • Create a marketing plan.
  • Create and manage compelling and interactive conservation information material.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with the conservation community.
  • Mobilize active supporters on critical conservation decisions.
  • Create and implement a purposeful media/public relations strategy.
  • Utilize the historic Case-Dvoor Farm as a place for education and outreach.
Goal 4

The land trust has adequate staff capacity, engaged board members and the technology and equipment to efficiently and effectively achieve its goals.

  • Ensure sufficient staff capacity.
  • Build a fundraising board of trustees.
  • Invest in technology and information management systems.
  • Continue to improve policies, procedures, systems for national land trust accreditation.
  • Invest in the “ideal” office environment for the land trust at the historic Case-Dvoor Farm and make it a place of pride and of connection.
Goal 5

Raise $6 million dollars from diverse sources to build a sustainable and stable financial portfolio including a permanent stewardship endowment, capital improvement fund, and operating reserves.

  • Create a long term fundraising plan to build more diverse funding base of support with specific goals to increase individual donors, business support, major gifts, and grant support.
  • Evaluate revenue generating strategies.
  • Explore feasibility of a capital campaign.