Mar 29 2017

Stick Your Neck Out and Help a Turtle

Why did the turtle cross the road? We may never reach a definitive answer, but one thing we know for sure is that close encounters with cars are one of the foremost threats to turtle populations.

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Jan 04 2017

The First Stone House on the Case-Dvoor Farm

The Capner family were neighbors to the Case (Kaes in the original spelling) family, who owned the farmland that now serves as the Hunterdon Land Trust’s Dvoor Farm headquarters. Joseph Capner purchased acreage from the widow of Johan Philip Case mostly east of the Walnut Brook. Through the Capner family letters, we are able to learn more about the first stone house the Case family built.

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Oct 26 2016

Check Out ‘The Creature Show’
at Our Next Farmers’ Market

Here’s what we have planned for this week’s Farmers’ Market.

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Oct 19 2016

You’ll Fall for Our Farmers’ Market

Fall is one of the prettiest times of year to visit the Dvoor Farm. Stop by, enjoy the scenery and pick up all your favorite local fall goodies.

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Oct 12 2016

Apple Tasting, Lindbergh Baby Trial
Highlight Busy Farmers’ Market

We have a fabulous Farmers’ Market planned featuring our apple and pear tasting (rescheduled from last week) and a talk in the wagon house on all the craziness that went on in Flemington during the Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial.

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Jun 29 2016

Celebrate the National Park Service’s Centennial Anniversary

The National Park Service’s Centennial Celebration continues through the year with a bevy of fun and enlightening events. Take a look at this list of special events and mark your calendars!

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Mar 17 2016

Meet the Previous Owners and Inhabitants of ‘The Farm’ in Kingwood

Before its preservation, the church property in Kingwood was owned by journalist William Lindsay White and later by the United Reformed Church in Somerville.

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Mar 16 2016

Celebrate the National Park Service’s Centennial Anniversary

Check out these wonderful local events planned in celebration of the National Park Service’s Centennial this year.

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Aug 11 2015

Summer Is in Full Swing
At Our Farmers’ Market

Join us for a terrific Farmers’ Market this Sunday at the Dvoor Farm, 111 Mine St. off the route 12 circle in Raritan Township. We’re open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Aug 05 2015

Artisans’ Sunday Returns
To Our Farmers’ Market

Come on down to the Dvoor Farm Sunday for another fabulous Farmers’ Market!

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