About Us

The mission of Hunterdon Land Trust is to preserve the integrity of the rural landscapes in the Hunterdon County region by protecting and enhancing natural resources, and the cultural landscape of the historic Dvoor Farm, for public enjoyment and education.

About Us

In 1996 Hunterdon County was undergoing a transformation from a rural community to one threatened by increasing sprawl. Worried about effects of development and increased car traffic on air and water quality, as well as the loss of family farms and the local food system, a group of volunteers took action and created the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance to protect the rural character and natural resources of Hunterdon County. Now known as Hunterdon Land Trust, the organization preserves and stewards land safeguarding the foundation of a sustainable community. The work of Hunterdon Land Trust protects clean air and water, and promote a local food system. Preserved land also provides outdoor recreational opportunities and habitat for wildlife.

At first an all-volunteer effort, Hunterdon Land Trust has grown over the years into a professional conservation organization with a full-time staff and more than 800 supporters and volunteers. In 2011 we moved our office to the historic Dvoor Farm, a landmark property in Raritan Township that the Land Trust has owned and managed since 1999.

What We Do

Hunterdon Land Trust works with landowners who wish to permanently protect the ecological, agricultural, scenic, historic, or recreational qualities of their land. We help landowners identify the best options to meet their conservation goals and financial needs, then assist them through the preservation process.

We also work in partnership with municipal, county, and state governments as well as other nonprofit organizations to acquire and manage environmentally sensitive properties and farmland. As an owner of property and monitor of conservation easements, the Land Trust is the steward of the land, responsible for ensuring the properties under our management remain undeveloped and their natural resources are protected.

In all, HLT has helped protect more than 8,900 acres of farmland and open space, and we own and manage nature preserves throughout Hunterdon County. In 2007 we started a seasonal farmers’ market at the historic Dvoor Farm. The market provides local farmers an opportunity to sell their products directly to consumers, which, in turn, helps family farmers stay in business and keeps farmland intact.