Oct 10 2018

Early Map of Case-Dvoor Farm Property Discovered

Courtesy of the Collections of the Hunterdon County Historical Society.

A new collection of materials, released by the Hunterdon County Historical Society, offer some interesting insights into the copper mining business in Flemington. But one item in particular caught our eye.

The collection featured a map of the Case farm property dated 1847, making it the earliest site plan map we have of the property. (Previously, and according to our historic site management plan, the earliest map known was the J.C. Sidney, Plan of the Township of Raritan, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, from 1850.)

This 1847 map — part of a report to the board of trustees of the Flemington Copper Company — offers a detailed look at the stone farm house to the far left (you can see how the road breaks south and west; the traffic circle in front of the house was constructed in the 1930s). You can also see the buildings that comprise the tannery, a cluster of buildings under “Joseph Case” which might have become the miner’s homes.

The map, as you can see, also shows mine shafts, barns, a smith shop, a farm house to the right of that, and to the far right, the home of Hugh Capner. One of these buildings was likely the original home owned by the Case family.

Other documents within this collection offer some new insights on the efforts to mine copper from the Flemington mines, and we’ll share some of that in future online newsletters as we review the materials.

All of this is helping provide a better picture of the history of the Case-Dvoor farmstead. And, as typical with any new discovery, raises plenty of new questions.

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