Jan 15 2012

Ecology and Community

John GattusoOne day my high school biology teacher walked into class and announced that we would no longer be studying biology but ecology. The difference? Biology is the study of living things. Ecology is the study of the relationship between living things.

It’s a useful distinction and a good way to look at all sorts of things, including, believe it or not, organizations like ours. The Land Trust isn’t merely a collection of individuals. It’s a community. Almost everything we do involves bringing people together for a common purpose. And that depends upon building relationships.

Take our farmers’ market, for example. Every Sunday hundreds of people come to buy fresh, local food from farmers who, in many cases, work on preserved farmland. Those protected farms not only put healthy, delicious food on our tables, they help family farmers stay in business.

Farms, family, food – all connected. Not incidentally, the farmers’ market also gives a boost to the local economy, because money spent locally tends to be re-spent locally.

It’s a ripple effect, just like in ecology. When a connection is made in one part of the community, things change somewhere else. And where does it all start? With people like you and me and all the folks who are involved with the Land Trust. Over the past 15 years, one contribution at a time, one relationship at a time, we’ve built the Land Trust community we have today.

Many thanks for your support,

John Gattuso


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