HLT Community Map

Crystal Springs 1

Crystal Springs in Lebanon Township, just one of the preserves you can share information about on the HLT Community Map.

Check out our interactive community map that takes one of the world’s oldest forms of recreation – a walk in the woods – and adds a fun new twist.

Developed by New Brunswick-based Vertices LLC, the new mobile application encourages hikers, bikers, locavores and all nature lovers to share information about the county’s most beautiful places directly from a smartphone or iPad. The map highlights our preserves, stewardship efforts and Farmers’ Market at the Dvoor Farm on the route 12 circle in Raritan Township, and the location of the market’s farmers and vendors who support our local food system.

For instance, a birder can share information about where a rare species was observed, upload a photo and leave a comment. A Farmers’ Market customer can note what products are available or how they were used to create a healthy meal.

Please bookmark this page and share with your friends. You can also access this map and log in to share information here! You can also learn more about our stewardship efforts and watch a video demonstration of the HLT Community Map here!


• You can explore places mapped by others by clicking the colored icons on the map.

• Click the menu tab on the left to learn more about the icons and layers on the map. You can turn layers on and off, and select which icons you wish to view. For instance, if you scroll down to the “Historical Land Use and Land Cover Data section of the map, you can track development within the county over different time periods.

• To share data on the map, go here then click the log in button on the upper right corner. You can log in either as a one-time guest or by creating a user name and password. Once you are logged in, simply click the orange Add Data button. You’ll then be prompted on how to add information.

• Add information and photos on the trail by visiting this site on your mobile web-browser (ex. Safari or Chrome apps).

• Share information by clicking an icon on the map, clicking the “More” link, and then select the Facebook share icon.

• You can also select the List tab to view information in a list. This link contains a filter on the left that enables you to view specific information.