Meet Our Farmers

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Meet the farmers and vendors who make our producers’-only Farmers’ Market the ideal place to shop every week!


Apple Ridge Farm

Apple Ridge Farm, located in Saylorsburg, Pa., is a sustainable family farm that grows produce, raises chickens and pigs and certified naturally grown produce farm that also makes artisan breads. The farm’s bakery features a wood-fired brick oven, and if not for the modern mixer you might think you had just stepped into a European bakery from the 1800s. Their breads are simple and based on three main ingredients: flour, water and sea salt. They use King Arthur organic flour and ingredients grown on the farm. They also grow and sell vegetables at the farm.

What you’ll find: A variety of breads including French country, seeded sourdough, semolina, golden maize, raisin, cranberry walnut, chocolate cherry sourdough French Country. Apple Ridge also offers pastries, muffins and sconces.  You’ll also find a variety of mustards. 

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Best in Bloom Bouquets

“I wanted a change of pace from my previous job as a dance fitness instructor (Zumba), and with my love of gardening . . . it just made perfect sense to grow that passion into a business,” Hopkins said.

Each week, you’ll find fresh from the garden, season flowers at the Best in Bloom Bouquets booth. “There are so many different varieties that can be offered throughout the season,” said Lynn Hopkins, owner of the Annandale-based company. “I hope to provide some unique blooms that you won’t find in your average store-bought bouquets.”

Hopkins’s lifelong passion for gardening impelled her to start Best in Bloom Bouquets. She says one of the most rewarding aspects of her business is knowing the hard work of nurturing her beautiful flowers from seed to bloom are being enjoyed by her customers. “Many great memories can be associated with a certain bloom or fragrance — like sweet peas from your grandmother’s garden — and I would love to trigger those kind of memories in a Best in Bloom Bouquet,” Hopkins noted.

What You’ll Find: Seasonal floral bouquets.

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Blue Mist Hollow Farm

Blue Mist Hollow Farm offers a terrific selection of plants.  The farm has been owned by the Willey family for more than 20 years.

They also have a retail store, Stony Brook Gardens, located off route 31 in Pennington that features a tremendous selection of landscape plants, fine gardening tools, unusual garden ornaments, gifts, pottery, statuary, and a wonderful selection of perennial and annual plants.

What You’ll Find: A selection of perennial and annual plants.

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Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse

Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse is a sustainable farm located on 185 preserved acres in Milford. Bobolink Dairy derives its name from the ground-nesting bird that frequents its pastures and meadows. They specialize in delicious 100 percent grass-fed raw milk artisan cheeses that are cave ripened, helping them develop a natural rind and profoundly complex flavors. They also make delicious rustic breads baked in a wood-fired, single-chambered oven. At the farm, Bobolink sells grass-fed beef, suckled veal and whey-fed pork.

What you’ll find: Breads including: medieval rye levain, rustic loaf, flax seed armadillo, cranberry walnut loaf, roasted garlic duck-fat ciabatta. Cheeses include: cave-ripened cheddar, baudolino (a strong, fruity and yeasty cheese nicknamed the “brie of Barbarossa”), drumm (a trademark Bobolink cheese that’s complex yet accessible) and frolic (a firm cheese with a sweet and nutty flavor). They also offer pasta made with emmer wheat.

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Comeback Farm

Comeback Farm is a 40-acre organic family farm located near the banks of the Musconetcong River. Farmer Mark Canright is a veritable “vegetable artist,” growing delicious vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Mark is a four-season grower, using row covers in the winter to keep his Chinese cabbage, Bok Choy and kale from freezing. Mark also uses the cold winter soil for storage of root vegetables like carrots and radishes. Leaving the plants in the ground during the cold weather converts starch to sugar making for super sweet, almost candy-like vegetables all winter long.

What you’ll find: An assortment of organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits.


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Fieldstone Coffee Roasters

Fieldstone Coffee Roasters began in Clinton, New Jersey in 2007 and is passionate about educating people about coffee. It specializes in proprietary coffee, and cups and pairs food menus for restaurants, chefs, cafés, and brewmasters to pull out the ultimate flavors in their meal or dessert. Fieldstone’s coffee is locally roasted in Milford.

What you’ll find: Fieldstone offers fresh cups of coffee, and single origin and custom blended beans for sale. You will find an array of organic and Fair Trade coffee, and they will freshly grind your beans for you to take home to enjoy all week. Seasonal fresh-roasted iced coffee and small-batch brewed iced teas will be available, along with a wide variety of loose leaf teas.

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Fired Up Flatbread Co.

The Fired Up Flatbread Company’s food truck offers fabulous menu items — including breakfast and lunch pizzas — around local ingredients provided by our farmers. Executive Chef Marc Viscomi says that by showcasing seasonal  ingredients which have been grown and sourced in Hunterdon County, “we can support local, regional and sustainable agriculture.”

Viscomi  is a classically trained French chef, who was graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 1997. He worked at several top eateries in New York City, before moving to Hunterdon County.

What you’ll find: Several different varieties of breakfast and lunch pizzas, breakfast pastries and beverages.

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Griggstown Farm

Farmer George Rude started in 1975 with a dozen quail and from that created a farm based on all-natural methods. Griggstown Farm offers chickens, pheasants and quail that are all natural (free of growth hormones and antibiotics) and cage free without overcrowding. It also raise all-natural free-range Heritage Breed Turkeys, which might be the closest you’ll get to tasting a turkey similar to what the Pilgrims would have enjoyed.

What you’ll find: chicken and turkey pot pies, fruit pies (including blueberry, strawberry rhubarb and apple crumb), chicken sausages, eggs and more. Two types of turkeys available around Thanksgiving.

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I’m Hungry Truck and Depot

The I’m Hungry Truck and Depot began in ….

What You’ll Find: Based in Hellertown, Pa., I’m Hungry Truck and Depot offers six-grain granola, ingredient-driven protein bars, easy oats parfait, handcrafted snack mixes, rugelach and breakfast biccies.

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Neil’s Sharpening Service

Neil’s Sharpening Service sharpens just about anything: Knives, scissors, garden tools, chain saws, lawn mower, etc.

Will visit our Farmers’ Market the fourth Sunday of every month. (More info and photo coming soon.)


Phillips Farms 

Phillips Farms began in the mid-1800s as a dairy farm and has grown, and now encompasses more than 200 acres in the hills of Holland Township.

When Mark Phillips took over the farm in the 1980s, he began growing berries, lettuce and asparagus. He discovered the heavy, stony high ground set above the Delaware River provided excellent conditions for fruit, while the light, sandy soil in the river bottom was well suited to vegetables.

What you’ll find: A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit spreads and preserves, , flowers, apple cider and more.

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Purely Farm

Purely Farm raises naturally pastured chicken, turkey, pork and lamb. They are a small diversified farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture, the humane treatment of animals and an organic way of life. Purely Farm’s naturally pastured pork is raised added hormone and antibiotic free. The hogs are rotated between pastures where they consume green grass, plenty of roots and a variety of sub-soil treats. They supplement their pastured diet with a locally grown grain ration containing no GMO feed or chemical additives.

What you’ll find: Pastured brown eggs, bone-in pork chops, ground pork, pork cutlets, loin end roasts, shoulder roasts, chipped pork, turkey stock, artisan sausages, smoked ham slices, roasts and hocks.

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River Lea House

River Lea House aims to bring fresh locally grown garlic and garlic related products to the market and move people away from the many months-old Chinese garlic typically found in this area. Owner Steven Price loves sharing his knowledge of garlic with others. Stop by his stand and learn about how garlic is grown, proper ways to cook with it and get some great recipes.

What You’ll Find: A tasty assortment of NJ farm grown heirloom garlics, black garlic, freeze dried garlic. hummus/pesto, garlic butter, vegan butters, pickled garlic cloves and scapes, pickled asparagus and garlic jellies.

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Sandbrook Meadow Farm

Located on 50 acres in the beautiful rolling farmland of Sergeantsville, Sandbrook Meadow Farm delivers certified organic vegetables throughout the growing season.

Farmer Alex Sawatzky and partner landowners Brent and Deirdre Alderfer are committed to preserving the integrity of the land and the joys of farm community through responsible organic farming practices at Sandbrook Meadow.

What you’ll find: Certified organic vegetables including beets, bok choi, eggplant, leeks, tomatoes, peppers, peaches, summer and winter squash and zucchini.

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Sweet Valley Farm

Sweet Valley Farm began as a dairy center in 1928 and now offers an array of vegetables and fruits on 200 acres of rich bottomland soil. They also run a landscape supply, garden center and nursey at their Ringoes-based facility.

Sweet Valley arrives at our Farmers’ Market around the beginning of July and is with us through October.

What you’ll find: Seasonal vegetables and fruits including corn, eggplants, tomatoes and watermelons beginning in July.

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Toadshade Wildflower Farm

Toadshade provides  an incredible range of  native, perennial and propagated wildflower plants. All plants are propagated and grown at their Frenchtown Farm from seed, cutting or division.

Toadshade Wildflower Farm was started to make native wildflowers — particularly perennials — more easily available. The farm’s goal is to provide native, perennial, propagated wildflower plants; identify available plants by their common and scientific names; and to clearly summarize the native range and growth requirements of the wildflowers offered for sale.

What you’ll find: Native plants and native plant seeds – including wildflowers, shrubs, ferns, vines and small trees.

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Will’s Amazing Vegan Burgers

Will Pough worked as a chef for about 40 years and as he neared retirement began thinking about what he wanted to do next. He never expected vegan burgers would be his calling. But one day, while working in a juvenile facility he met a young man who often went out of his way to lend a hand in the kitchen. The helper was a vegetarian, and Will decided to show his appreciation by making him something special to eat. Thus, the first vegan burger was born.

Since, then Will has spent years experimenting with flavors and ingredients to perfect his vegan burger. Will’s burgers are gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free.  They’re made from organic brown rice and organic oats, black beans, chickpeas, Yukon Gold potatoes, carrots, onions, mixed peppers, zucchini, garlic and other all natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients are provided by our local farmers.

What You’ll Find: Frozen, home-made vegan burgers that are soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, and sauces including sun-dried tomato ketchup.

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WoodsEdge Farm

This three-generation farm has one of the largest herds of award-winning suri llamas in the world; representing a wide diversity of genetic lines. The farm is full-cycle, converting the farms fiber into beautiful and functional fashions and interior products.

WoodsEdge, located in Stockton, was also the first alpaca breeding farm in New Jersey, and first  introduced Tibetan yak  to the farm in the 1990’s.

What you’ll find: WoodsEdge offers a diverse array of fiber products that make perfect gifts for yourself or someone you love. All the meat products they offer are free range, and free from additives, growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. WoodsEdge also has lama and alpaca fleeces, rovings, yarns, socks, gloves, scarves, mittens, hats, shawls, rugs, USDA yak and aged beef, yak sausage and honey.

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