Lockatong Recreation Area

County Route 519
Kingwood Township, NJ 08803

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IMG_2531The Lockatong Recreation Area is in the process of becoming an ideal place to enjoy the sweet sounds of nature.

Located off County Route 519, the Hunterdon Land Trust sought to preserve this tract because it’s near several recently preserved properties and the Lockatong Creek flows directly through it. The preserve is seven acres, and features an informal trail that runs near the creek and through wooded patches.

Birders in particular will appreciate this preserve. Here one can enjoy listening to the drumming of Hairy Woodpeckers on tree trunks, the sweet twittering of Rosebreasted Grosbeaks from branches high above. You might also see Blue Herons, Great horned Owls, Red-bellied and Pileated woodpeckers, Scarlet Tanagers, Red-tail Hawks and Baltimore Orioles.

Hunterdon Land Trust purchased the property in 2014 from Chester Podpora, who had spent the past 40 years enjoying the symphony of nature heard from the land.

Preserving this property not only protects the water quality in the Lockatong Creek but also ensures
public access to a number of wonderful recreational opportunities.The property is home to a significant diversity of bird species as well as amphibians for excellent wildlife viewing on site, and many will enjoy the fishing in this stretch of stream.

Efforts to protect this property, and others like it, also serve to forward the goals of the National Park Service’s Lower Delaware Wild & Scenic Program which aims to protect the remarkable natural, historic, and recreational resources that earned this stretch of the river the Wild and Scenic designation.

Project Partners: New Jersey Green Acres Program