Muddy Run Preserve

Kingwood-Locktown Road
Kingwood Township, NJ 08803

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muddy-run-1The 66-acre Muddy Run Preserve borders the Lockatong Creek, a tributary of the Delaware River. It contains hay fields, forested areas and wetlands. Nearby, the Lockatong also flows through the seven-acre Lockatong Recreation Area.

This property was preserved because of the numerous benefits it offered: it supports a diverse wildlife population, offers stream water quality protection, flood control, groundwater recharge, the preservation of the area’s rural character and opportunities for recreation.

Muddy Run features an easy 3/4-mile trail. You can park on Kingwood-Locktown Road near the HLT preserve sign.

These critical resources were protected with the help of many partners. The Hunterdon Land Trust secured funding from a variety of sources, including the New Jersey Water Supply Authority, New Jersey Green Acres program, Hunterdon County Open Space Trust Fund, Kingwood Township, and Conservation Resources, Inc.

Hunterdon Land Trust owns the property, except for a portion which we share with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority.