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Aug 21 2019

Dalrymple Farm Preservation Honors Past, Present and Future

Richard Dalrymple feels a deep connection to the Kingwood farm his family has just preserved. And with plenty of good reasons.

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Oct 03 2017

HLT Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Hunterdon Land Trust turns 21 this week.

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Mar 16 2016

HLT Preserves Farm That Was Haven To WWII Orphan and Church Retreat

By the time the four-year-old girl arrived at the Kingwood farm in 1941, she had faced more horrors than most people endure in a lifetime.

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Jul 15 2015

Second Annual Tomato Tasting
At Our Next Farmers’ Market

Calling all tomato lovers! We’ve got a terrific farmers’ market planned for this weekend featuring our second annual tomato tasting.

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Dec 28 2012

All We Hold Dear: Ruby Reflects on 2012

As the new Executive Director of the Hunterdon Land Trust, I have been thinking about where we are and in which directions we need to grow. A strong appreciation for the past will help us build a stronger, more resilient community in the future

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Jul 09 2012

Guest Post by Michael Heffler Cycling and Open Space – A Natural Alignment

Lately I’ve been educating myself on the open space around Lambertville.  A major reason that I moved to Lambertville was to get away from the ever- growing traffic and population in the suburbs.   If someone had asked me “Do you enjoy the open space around here?”  Up until recently I would have said: “I don’t know.”  That answer, like my youthful one, was out of ignorance.  The concept of open space wasn’t one I was familiar with.  As much as I appreciated seeing them, the farms, the woods and fields were just there.   For someone who has led rides with titles like “More animals than cars”, you would think that the preserved land in this area would be something I knew about.  The area is beautiful.  There are scenic vistas, open fields, and forests. More open space means less traffic, less traffic means more enjoyable cycling.  It took a while for me to find out that open space organizations are working to make sure this area retains its beauty and rural character. I’m not sure that ignorance is bliss but I am sure that knowledge provides the ability to appreciate our blessings and act wisely.   I have never heard a cyclist say: “If only there was more traffic where we cycle!”  More open space creates better cycling.  I’ve cycled in France, Italy, the Berkshires and Oregon the last few years.  Each time I came home, I realized our area is just as beautiful.  We can help keep it this way. There are problems in the world that don’t impact most of us directly and there are problems that affect us.  We don’t always know what we can do to solve some difficult problems like a broken tax system and climate change.  There are other problems we have to solve, like paying the bills. Keeping our area beautiful, for our selves and our children, is a problem with a ready solution, much like taking care of our health and the health of our families.  With some action and forethought, we can all contribute to preserving open space.  There are local open space organizations whose staff and volunteers steward the open space and keep our area beautiful.  This work benefits everyone, but it’s mostly invisible to us.  When open space gets developed we notice.  Developed land tends to stay developed. There is a natural alignment between open space and the enjoyment of cycling.  Giving your support to the local open space organizations is a great way to make sure we keep the area beautiful.  Support your local open space organizations.  It’s a great way to make sure you continue to live in a place where you want to keep pedaling.  See you on the road!

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Feb 15 2012

Urbach Farm Preserved

Protected: one of the largest undeveloped parcels in Raritan Township.

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Jan 01 2012

58 Acres of Critical Watershed Protected in Lebanon Township

Fisher property is a beautiful and ecologically significant tract of land.

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Jul 15 2011

Good Food and Big Smiles at Farmers’ Market

Shopping at a local farmers’ market means you are helping ensure that farms and farming families remain in your community, and you are creating a healthy and secure food future for the Garden State.

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Jun 30 2011

A Lesson from the Land

A Lesson from the Land

There is a saying that we protect what we love and we love what we know. Those of us concerned for the future of New Jersey’s unique and special landscapes should share the places we know and love with the people we know and love.

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