Mar 26 2014

Thank You and Farewell

March 26, 2014

Dear good friends and supporters of Hunterdon Land Trust,

Katherine photoI wanted to thank all of the wonderful people with whom I have had the privilege of working over these past few years, putting together land acquisition deals in Hunterdon County. It has been a wonderful, happy, and challenging experience and I am proud of the preservation work that the Hunterdon Land Trust has achieved. We are a great team: the staff, the board and the many, many residents of Hunterdon County who all work together to accomplish our mission of protecting the places you love.

I am sorry to leave, but I know that the land acquisition work in particular and the work of the land trust in general are in excellent and capable hands. Jackie Middleton has terrific land transaction experience and I know she will dive right into the preservation deals that HLT is pursuing. I will be working with her initially and orienting her to HLT’s ongoing land preservation projects and I’ll be available as needed over the next few months to make this a smooth transition. I know that you will also be ready and willing to help and advise when needed.

I am moving to Vermont and plan to engage in more land preservation and stewardship activities, as well as provide consulting services to land trusts in New England. I have come to learn that almost everyone in NJ has a connection in Vermont so I hope to see you up there hiking, skiing or just enjoying the views.

Warm regards,

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Kate Buttolph

Kate Buttolph began working with the Hunterdon Land Trust since 2003, and has served as its Land Acquisition and Stewardship Director since 2007.

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