May 18 2017

Welcome Our New Farmers’ Market Vendors

When our Farmers’ Market kicks off its 11th season this Sunday, you’ll see several new faces! We’re welcoming Best in Bloom Bouquets and Black River Spice & Tea Company.


Best in Bloom Bouquets


Lynn Hopkins says she has had a passion for gardening for as long as she can remember. Now that love for gardening has impelled her to start her own Annandale-based business Best in Bloom Bouquets.


“I wanted a change of pace from my previous job as a dance fitness instructor (Zumba), and with my love of gardening . . . it just made perfect sense to grow that passion into a business,” Hopkins said.


Each week, you’ll find fresh from the garden, season flowers at her booth. “There are so many different varieties that can be offered throughout the season,” she said. “I hope to provide some unique blooms that you won’t find in your average store-bought bouquets.”


Hopkins says one of the most rewarding aspects of her business is knowing the hard work of nurturing her beautiful flowers from seed to bloom are being enjoyed by her customers. “Many great memories can be associated with a certain bloom or fragrance — like sweet peas from your grandmother’s garden — and I would love to trigger those kind of memories in a Best in Bloom Bouquet,” Hopkins noted.


Black River Spice & Tea Company


After retiring, Peter and Amy Nirchio decided to start a business, and went looking for something they enjoyed doing together. Cooking quickly came to mind, but they both knew they didn’t want to open a restaurant.


About a year ago, the couple started the Oldwick-based Black River Spice & Tea Company, and now they want to spice up your favorite meals with top-quality spices and their unique blends.


For our Farmers’ Market, Black River Spice & Tea will be bottling several basic herbs and spices used for cooking and baking — such as black pepper, cumin, turmeric, Mexican oregano, Turkish oregano, thyme, cinnamon and allspice. It will also offer its unique renditions of several traditional spice blends including herbes de provence, celery salt, chili powder, old bay, curry powder (multiple varieties) and garam masala. You’ll find unique renditions more contemporary seasonings: jerk, Cajun, Montreal and more. The company also sells wholesale spices, herbs & tea to businesses in the western-central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania areas.


“We feel that the market is an excellent venue to introduce our new company to local businesses and consumers,” Peter Nirchio said. “We know our business model, “ground and blended fresh before delivery,” is unprecedented in Hunterdon County, and that we can contribute to the community by bringing the highest quality herbs and spices in terms of harvest time and freshness in preparation.”

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